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Partners for conservation welcome Erika Mac Donald

Partners For Conservation is delighted to welcome Miss Erika Mac Donald, an intern from Harvey Mudd College in the United States of America. Erika joins a team of other young volunteers and professional committed to contributing to the preservation of a biodiversity legacy through (1) Education research, information collection and sharing, (2) Capacity building and projects management, (3) Socio-cultural and economic development projects. Erika is settling herself to the Rwandan lifestyle. She can speak some Kinyarwanda, cook some beans but her most preference is hiking these hills to meet our beneficiaries up in the vicinity of the mountain gorillas’ home.
During her stay, Erika will be using her knowledge and expertise to support Public Health team with particular interest in Water Hygiene and Sanitation area. We wish her a successful internship. At Partners For Conservation we believe in innate capabilities of every human being to promote, protect and conserve the biodiversity whereby only means and knowledge make the difference. Partners For Conservation represents a platform for farmers and businessmen, for children and adults, for illiterates and academicians, for poor and donors, for volunteers, interns and professionals to enjoy, measure and feel comfortable with whatever the will tells you to undertake towards a biodiversity legacy. Partners For Conservation is pioneering education-based tourism in Rwanda. This is an opportunity to gain the local experience during a tour while contributing in the same time to conservation in Rwanda. Offered opportunities include but not limited to internship, volunteering, research, capstone/practicum. All this gives applicant an opportunity to work with institutions involved in environment management, conservation and tourism industry, programmes for disadvantaged and marginalised people including children and women as well as ex-hunters. This remains a lifetime experience to work for a just world by engaging in socio-economic integration, poverty alleviation and conservation and tourism projects. Contact us on for more information

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