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Partners For Conservation is back after COVID

Some people will do anything to support our work. Pascal Borkhard is one of those people. He joined us as a field volunteer. Here is what he had to say upon his first physical encounter with the team. “In the past five years I have developed a passion for the sustainability transition. I feel strong optimism towards the future, as we see behaviors of people, companies and governments changing. On the other side I feel deep frustration that this transition is not happening fast enough. So, I feel it is my duty to contribute to a quicker and fair transition, in order to make the Earth a better place for all”. He went on to state that “I decided to quit my job and start studying again. Before I will start my master’s degree in Environment and Resource Management, I decided to do voluntary work in Rwanda with Partners for Conservation. The people in this organization are truly hard working and are seeking positive change for the local communities. For me this is a great opportunity to contribute a small part to the sustainability transition in Africa by hands-on activities. On the other hand, I am excited to learn a lot from the people that are most affected by climate change.” Emmanuel BUGINGO, the Executive Director of Partners For Conservation has commented: “When Pascal contacted us for a volunteering opportunity, I was not sure if I had to approve or disapprove his application, because of strict COVID measures, but he insisted that he wanted to come anyways. So I had no other choice other than, yes”, Emmanuel BUGINGO has concluded “And now, for a few days with us, I can see what he’s capable of and with him, we can dream big!”

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