Note from volunteers: Jasper Coersmeier speaks out after joining Partners For Conservation | Partners for conservation

Note from volunteers: Jasper Coersmeier speaks out after joining Partners For Conservation

On August 6 th , 2022, Partners For Conservation was delighted to welcome Jasper Coersmeier, as a new volunteer! Here’s what he says after joining: My name is Jasper Coersmeier; from Germany. I am currently in Rwanda volunteering for Partners For Conservation. I was initially looking for something to do during my summer break at university, where I would learn something and still do something good and would be giving something back to the community. I thought working for an NGO would be a great way to become more passionate about my major at university while also gaining professional experience as well as experiencing a new culture, meeting new people and learn valuable life lessons along the way. The country of Rwanda itself is also very interesting to me and the few impressions I could already gather here in the last few days are making me even more eager to explore this beautiful country and learn more about it. When I saw all the Projects Partners For Conservations are involved in, I felt like this would be the perfect Organisation for me to go to. In my time here I am looking forward to experiencing all sorts of different projects and will be trying to help in those fields where I feel I can have the most impact. I am really interested to learn how an NGO functions, how the administrative Process is done and how for example funds are secured. In this field, Partners for conservation Is giving me great Insights into the Work of an NGO and a great environment for bringing in my own Ideas. I also found great Interests in participating in the “Sewing for Hope” project where I feel like Partners For Conservation is providing the local community, especially women, with the opportunities to build their own businesses and therefore create stable and sustainable incomes, not only for them but for their families as well. With my background in Business Administration, I was really interest of the concept of microfinancing and microcredits that Partners For Conservation is trying to implement into the project and here I found the first of what I hope will be many opportunities to bring myself in. I am currently trying to create presentation where the participants of the project will learn about the basics of bookkeeping and how to set the right price for their product to make a good profit when selling it on the local market. Furthermore, I am looking forward to experiencing the other Projects and trying to find different opportunities to create a positive impact on the people here and in general assisting Partners for conservation to reach their Goals. On a more personal note, I really enjoy the location of the Partners For Conservation Headquarters is Musanze, since it is giving me the opportunity to visit the famous Volcanoes National Park in my free time on the weekends and enjoy the natural beauty Rwanda has to offer. The whole team here has been really friendly and welcoming and is doing everything to make the stay enjoyable and memorable for myself and for Volunteers in general. They do assist when help Is needed. Most importantly if a volunteer has his or her own idea for example for a project, they will give you the opportunity to pursue it over the course of the time which is spend here. All in all, my first few days here have been really pleasant, and I am looking forward to everything that still awaits me and to all the unique experiences one could only make with a local organisation. If anybody is looking for a great opportunity to volunteer at great Organisation and to experience the beautiful country of Rwanda, do consider Partners For Conservation for a unique experience. Jasper Coersmeier;

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